Hi, I’m Farren!


this is your love story.

Do you remember that moment when you just knew that you had found your soulmate?

That indescribable feeling when you realized you’d found your way home.

As unique as your love story has been so far, your wedding day will be the same. It’ll have it’s own heartbeat and vibe and each moment deserves to be captured as the most authentic expression of the love you share.

My couples are all different. From the ultra traditional to offbeat trendsetters, the only thing they all have in common is that they want their day captured honestly and passionately by someone that truly cares.

As the person chosen to document your day, it is my mission to conduct a seamless experience for you and be your guide along the way because I know what it felt like to be an overwhelmed bride. You deserve someone that is not only passionate about recording this journey from beginning to end, but will make the experience as relaxing, effortless (and fun!) as possible.

So you will have those beautiful, moving images to look back upon and share with your children, family, and friends. The pride in your parent’s eyes, your husband fighting tears as you walk towards him... annnnd even those hilarious moments like when your aunt has too much wine and dances with the groomsmen.

Just like your relationship, all of these moments…the emotional, unscripted, and the over the moon joyous are the ones that make up the fabric of your love story.

The story I can’t wait to watch unfold.

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