Planning your wedding day photography timeline can be overwhelming and you may not know how many hours of photography coverage you will need.  If something goes off schedule (and it probably will!) and your timeline wasn't thoughtfully planned, you could end up with rushed portraits or missing the beginning of your reception! Here's a few tips and things to consider when you're planning your timeline. 

Getting Ready

Ideally, I would like to arrive when your makeup artist begins. I will spend that time capturing all the gorgeous details that you worked so hard to plan! Your dress, shoes, jewelry, invitation, perfume, veil, rings, and any other special detail should be ready in one spot so we aren't trying to track down items. I'm all about pre-planning so your day runs as smooth as possible. Also, make sure your florist delivers your bouquet early so I can include that in your detail images. 


Once I've captured your beautiful details, it'll be time to get the finishing touches of your makeup along with awesome, candid shots of you and your girls getting ready. Make a fun playlist, have mimosas, and get excited because you're about to get married! 

When hair and makeup is complete, it'll be time to slip into your dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry! That may sound like a easy task but it can take up to 30 minutes getting on undergarments, Spanx, bathroom run after your putting on your Spanx, and finally dress. Make sure the person helping you button your dress is ready before you since they'll be in those images as well. Though it would be hilarious to have your mom in grumpy cat t-shirt and yoga pants buttoning your gown; I'm guessing you both would want to look the best for those images ;) 

Other considerations:

Pick a getting ready space that has plenty of natural light if possible. 

Groom Getting Ready Images: In order to capture the groom and groomsmen getting ready images, I will either need a second shooter or extra time in the timeline to get those images and the groom will need to get ready at the same location as you. However, groom's getting ready images are usually short and sweet. I'll arrive when he's partially dressed then capture him putting on his jacket, bowtie, cufflinks, etc.. as well as grab some candids of the guys. 


First Look

I highly recommend first looks. A first look is a beautiful, intimate moment that will allow you two to connect before the ceremony. You have the freedom to hug, twirl in his arms, kiss, hear him whisper how amazing you look. That's something that doesn't happen when you're walking down the aisle. On top of that, if you don't see each other before the ceremony, all of your couple portraits and bridal party portraits will have to be done after the ceremony. So, you will miss 60-90 minutes of the beginning of your reception. That being said, I COMPLETELY respect and understand those that want the traditional seeing each other at the aisle! There is something special about that moment so either way, we will rock it! :) Just be sure to check the sunset time and leave yourself enough time after your ceremony for all the portraits if you skip the first look option!


Couple Portraits

Immediately following the first look, I like to spend 30 minutes with couples grabbing fun, sweet, and classic portraits that you'll appreciate for the rest of your life. Great couple portraits should be relaxing and fun and the only way to get that vibe is to not feel rushed. You'll never regret making intimate, beautiful portraits with your spouse a priority! 


Wedding Party Portraits

Following couple portraits, we will complete the wedding party portraits. This usually takes 30 minutes and I will get bride with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, and the entire bridal party. If your family is around, we could do family portraits before the ceremony so you would be able to enjoy your ceremony and reception without interruption! After the portraits are complete, the couple will separate and freshen up before the ceremony. You're getting married!!

After the Ceremony

Family portraits can be done after the ceremony if we haven't completed them beforehand. I prefer to limit these to immediate family so you're able to enjoy your reception sooner. If you decide you want formal portraits with every aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.. you could be standing in one spot cheesing for hours. No fun! Decide if you do want a lot of traditional, posed portraits or if you'd prefer fun shots of you laughing and interacting with your friends and loved ones at your reception! 


Yay, you're married! Now it's time to have champagne, enjoy all your friends and family gathered for you, and dance the night away! 


Last Words

You and your wedding will be unique. Maybe you don't care AT ALL about pictures of your dress but you want me staying all night to capture dancing shots!  Maybe you want your entire wedding documentary style with zero posed, formal portraits. Maybe you're eloping. I want to learn what's important to you and work together to create a timeline that fits your day and vision! 






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