Mitzi & Eric | Mobile Alabama Wedding Photography at Gulf Quest Museum

Mitzi & Eric's was held at the Gulf Quest Museum in downtown Mobile.  I was so excited to work with Mitzi from the moment I met her at the consultation because she has a beautiful, kind spirit and air to her!  When I arrived, she had thoughtfully set up all her bridal details and hung her dress up! You could definitely tell she's the daughter of a fellow wedding photographer, haha. True to Mobile, the rain came right before her ceremony but luckily she had a indoor venue option so it all worked out beautifully! Here's a few of my favorite from their day! 

Vendor Love:

Venue - Maritime Gulf Quest Museum, Hair - Bridget & Adriana Byrd, Florist - Lush Home and Garden, Catering - Naman's, Decorator/coordinator - Pam Smith

Farren Campbell
Ali & Mike | Vintage New Orleans Wedding at Compass Point

What. A. Fun. Wedding! 

Ali & Mike's wedding was unlike any wedding I've shot. I knew from the moment I walked into the bridal suite that it was going to be a great day as the girls were already in a conga line! Their wedding took place under the beautiful oaks at Compass Point in New Orleans. Ali made sure that her wedding was authentic and fun by incorporating things like a lottery ticket bouquet for the bouquet toss and her grandma's were flower girls! My heart couldn't take the cuteness! The craziest thing happened as we were getting ready for their second line parade down to the ferry. Spontaneous fireworks. It added such a magical element to the ending of their evening. Once we rode the ferry across, they continued their celebration in the French Quarter. Here's some of my favorites of their day! 

Vendor Love:

Venue: Compass Point

Cake: Mad Batter Bakery
Venue/Catering/Florist: Erin Steen, Compass point events
Hair: Sarah Parvardeh
Make up: Sarah Walsh
Gown: Mori Lee
Second Line: Kinfolk Brass Band
DJ: Mike B's Mobile Music

Farren Campbell
Cecile & An | New Orleans Chic Minimalistic Bold Wedding

Working with Cecile & An was one the most memorable moments of my career so far! On top of them being madly in love, awesome people... they had one of the most unique weddings I've ever seen! You may have remembered them from their cemetary engagement session that went low key viral and was published by Green Wedding Shoes

Here's a few words from Cecile on how she made this event come to life! 

"The overall style reflects my own and how much it has rubbed off on An. I think of it as a compromise between the rebel goth I am at heart and the minimalistic modernist I was raised to be. The engagement ring, which I helped design being the forward bride that I am, is the best representation of this: a single black diamond set in a plain black band, with a pointed chevron shape to break the mold. The white ceremony gown also marries the simple with the risqué. Then a black reception gown because I always imagined myself wearing black on my wedding day. An wore a short-suit because, why not! The blond wig, though it may seem like just a fun thing to throw in, is actually a sentimental nod to the start of our relationship. I first bleached my hair days after meeting An when we were only teens and remembered being nervous about what he thought. When we eventually got together years later, I happened to have just gone blond again.

Throughout the planning process, I had a very “stick it to the man” sort of attitude towards the wedding industry. After planning my sister’s wedding, I told myself that whenever it was my turn, I wouldn’t let other people tell me how I wanted things to be and I wouldn’t let them bully my wallet. That’s when I started to make a joke that I would throw a backyard crawfish boil if I were to ever get married. A few years later, I helped my architect father design his dream home, which An then helped us build. When it was all finished, he proposed in the driveway! The house has a gorgeous backyard and so we squeezed about 150 people outside and I got the crawfish boil wedding I secretly always wanted.

Together, the outfits I had planned out for us and the home where we hosted the reception, dictated the details of the day. Where I could use only the color black, I did. From the invitations to the table settings and even the black and white photobooth. And where I could throw in my love for modern architecture, I did. From the chair-adorned escort cards to the house-shaped centerpieces and even forcing my photographer and videographer to use my favorite chair as a prop, because yes, I have a favorite.

With the help of family and friends, I DIYed almost every aspect of the day. I used to work at a craft store and learned early on that if you can buy it, you can probably make it. And since I am a detail-orientated person, I almost always choose making something exactly the way I want it rather than buying it. So I printed and foiled my own invitations, melted every wax seal, punched a hole in all of the ceremony programs, folded each escort card, personalized the menus, sealed each dessert party favor, and even arranged all of the flowers. My mother, who went to school to be a fashion designer, made both of my dresses. My sister, who organizes many events at the school she teaches at, pulled everything together. Our friend who recently graduated from Vanguard College of Cosmetology, cut and styled my hair…and the wig. My cousin, who watches makeup tutorials on YouTube without end, did my makeup. Our friend who worked as a sushi chef, served hors d’oeuvres at the cocktail hour. Another friend who works at a bakery, had our king cake favors made. A family friend who owns a seafood shop, boiled and delivered 500lbs of crawfish! And everyone else that we met along the way became like family. The team at Aucoin Heart who remembers me as “the girl with the black ring.” The owners of the local fabric shop who helped find the perfect threads for both gowns and have been patiently waiting a year to see how they turned out. The creative behind Lonely Eskimo Productions who turned out to be a friend of a friend. And Farren, who we booked partially because she owns a Boston Terrier, and trust me, you can always trust a creative person with a Boston. We loved working with her so much since the engagement shoot that we convinced my sister to book her!" 

Vendor Love:

Videographer: Lonely Eskimo Films Venue: St. Martha's Catholic Church Hair: AshVu x Hair, Makeup: Noelle Bui, Gowns: Bride's mother, Church: St. Martha Catholic Church, Videographer: Lonely Eskimo Films, Crawfish Catering: Cajun Corner Seafood New Orleans, LA


Amanda & Seth | Craft Farms Wedding in Gulf Shores, AL

From the moment I met Amanda & Seth, I knew they would be a great couple to work with. There's a few things that I envision when I think about working my my "exactly type" of couple. They're madly in love, relaxed, fun loving people.. and that's exactly Amanda & Seth! You can see from their portraits that they were naturals in front of the camera with such beautiful chemistry! 

Their wedding took place at Craft Farms in Gulf Shores and it was quite an adventure with ominous clouds and high wind from an approaching squall line. But as fate would have it, it didn't rain a drop until we were leaving the venue! Some of my favoite moments include the spinning flower girl trio and Amanda's happy tears! Also, can we talk about her shoes?! I'm always impressed that these brides dance the evening away in their sky high heels. I kicked my shoes off about 15 minutes into my reception so I definitely encourage reception flats if you're like me. #oldflatlover

I'm going to start mentioning a tip or two from every wedding as a resource for future couples! A lot of couples start to panic when the forecast shows rain. While we can't control mother nature, there's a few thing that can help! If rain is in your forecast, grab a bunch of clear umbrellas for some fun outdoors portraits! Make sure they're clear (to let in light) and get enough for each member of your wedding party. Definitely have a backup plan for your ceremony site. And lastly, take a few moments to be upset but then choose to have the best time ever regardless of the weather! You've put a lot of time, energy, money into this day so enjoy it with your friends, family, and new husband or wife!

Here's some of the awesome vendors that came together:

Cake: EllenJAY
Gown: Watters
Hair: Maggie Russell
Flowers: Wildflower Wedding, Co. 
Coordinator: Jubilee Events
Venue: Craft Farms in Gulf Shores

Farren Campbell
Paige & Jeremy | The Venue in Fairhope, Alabama

Paige & Jeremy's wedding took place in the picturesque Fairhope, Alabama on an almost rainy day in April. I don't know what I love the most about Paige & Jeremy's wedding day. I'm torn between their dog Cooper, her blue veil, the impromptu ice cream trip, and their surprise father daughter dance! Whatever you do... please look at the smile on their dog's face during portraits. I can't even! Right after portraits, Paige decided to dip into Mr. Gene's Beans for ice cream before heading back to their reception! I love her spirit and how easy going she and Jeremy were the entire planning process and wedding day. Andddd she and her dad surprised their guests with an epic father daughter dance that was flawlessly executed. Later that evening, their dog Cooper joined them on the dance floor. I love that the venue was not only gorgeous but pup friendly so he was able to be a part of the day. The night ended with a sparkler exit and they left the next day to go to Italy! Talk about an amazing honeymoon. 

A tip for future couples from their wedding is again about rain (Mobile and it's bipolar weather). Check out her cute clear umbrellas that she bought when she saw the rainy forecast. If rain is in your forecast, choose clear ones for each bridal party member that will let light in. Also, if you'd still like outdoor portraits with the umbrellas but you're worried about ruining your gown, pick up a clear shower curtain that you can stand on! Venues that have a porch or overhang are perfect for portraits too. Lastly, don't let it bother you too much. Every rainy wedding I've photographed was still amazing! 

Venue: The Venue in Fairhope, Alabama

Cake: Katie Azevedo
Groom's cake: Flower Girls
DJ: Sounthern Aire DJs
Hair: Joni Thomas

Farren Campbell