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Kaitlyn & Scott

Y’all, where do I even begin? Not only is Farren an extremely talented photographer, she is an absolute joy to work with! She makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease from the get go, and knows how to efficiently take countless photos that come out looking downright amazing. Even my husband, who can barely stand to take 5 photos a year, loved working with her and genuinely loved the resulting photos.

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Meredith & George

Farren is amazing! She is so talented and has such a kind demeanor, which made everyone feel right at ease. From the beginning, Farren was very communicative during the planning process and helped us to plan out what we were envisioning with the photography component of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Farren was fantastic. She has such an eye for beautiful backdrops and natural poses. You spend a lot of time with your photographer, and we loved spending time with Farren! And we are so happy with the way all the photos turned out! She captured the best moments and our best selves. Her photographs will help us remember our special day for years to come.

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